What Been Your ROI With VALPAK and When to Start?

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Plus, Valpak digital offers receive millions of monthly views, which can increase the reach of your offer and drive more consumers to your social channels or website. Valpak offers a wide variety of different ways to maximize your dollars spent. And, as direct mail or digital advertising isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing method, costs will vary substantially from one company to the next. They reach millions of demographically targeted, US homeowners with discounts and deals from local and national brands. I just don’t think that the marketplace for personal lines coverage cares about anything more than price and claim handling at the point of loss. I struggle with ways to make the phone ring without pouring money down a rathole, and for the life of me, in my market, I just can’t crack the code.

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Just put a bid in for a rebuild lead I got from a Has Anyone Used Valpak To Advertisetor. Blue is better love to save money and valpak helps me too do that. Valpak provides a steady stream of new and loyal repeat customers month after month, week after week, and we enjoy our relationship with Valpak. We have worked with Valpak and Diana for many years and Valpak has continued to stand tall as a front-runner for us, year in and year out. 45% of Valpak Direct Marketing Systems employees would recommend working there to a friend based on Glassdoor reviews. Employees also rated Valpak Direct Marketing Systems 2.9 out of 5 for work life balance, 2.8 for culture and values and 2.6 for career opportunities.

The benefits of advertising with Valpak

I had not advertised much after getting a good customer base established when I started in 1992. I rode that wave for about 16 years while helping raise my children. Now I am trying to really blow the lid off my business. About 3 years of 20% increase then 40% last year. Mr. Spazz, I don’t mind spending money on advertising that produces results.

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  • I really hate throwing money away in a media that did not even come close to paying for the cost of the advertising.
  • And it isn’t the Media, as much as the message.

I am going to try an EDDM campaign in an upscale area this spring. Then I will do some print advertising that has worked well for me in the past. Whats been making the phone ring mostly is reaching out to my commercial accounts and a Janitorial company I do sub work for. I’ve done a bunch jobs for a restoration company as well.

How to make your quarterly email marketing strategy in 7 steps

Valpak is a great way to generate quality leads by targeting a large number of homeowners in our local service area. We’re happy with the high response of calls we get when Valpak hits homes. We have been mailing with Valpak for over 4 years and plan to continue!

Is Valpak real?

Yes, Valpak puts REAL $100 checks made out to “CASH” or other prizes like gift cards and movie tickets inside random, specially marked envelopes every month. No strings attached, just cash and goods for you to stash!

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